Fruit is gone but acid and bee’s wax galore (Taken with Instagram)
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Mosse Moussamoussettes
Loire Valley (Anjou)
Delicious, mega-natural wine. It’s got a slight spritz and fresh fruit flavors that make it perfect for the miserable heat Brooklyn has been suffering under these last few days. Off-dry style makes it a fun and joyous afternoon wine.
06.21.12 /19:41
Terroir All-Staff Summer of Riesling Grand Tasting! (Taken with Instagram)
06.19.12 /16:21
One slate, two slate, red slate, blue slate (Taken with Instagram at City Winery)
06.19.12 /13:23
A dreaded sunny day so I’ll meet you at the cemetery gates.  (Taken with Instagram)
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Park Slope (Taken with instagram)
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Williamsburg (Taken with instagram)
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Kurniawan’s secret stash of counterfeit labels including Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and Chateau Petrus.
From @WineDiarist’s lastest blog post.
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coolest wine cellar ever
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~   French proverb (via marviny)

Very true fact about myself.
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2007 Corte Majoli Amarone della Valpolicella
One of my first experiences with Amarone. This bottle smacks you in the face with dried red fruit flavors and hazelnut flavors. Tannins are substanncial but completely in check with the over-all body.  Beautiful wine but needs big food to match. A-
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